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-frank legislation and the case being put forward by c. boyden gray, who served in the george w. bush administration. our phone lines are open. you can join the conversation on our twitter page or send us an e-mail. what is the constitutional argument that you are putting forth that this is not constitutional? guest: our argument is that there is no oversight for this huge bureaucracy. the president, once he appoints the director, will no longer have influence on what the director does, and not have a check on his or her power. the congress has no financial responsibility because the bureau is paid for by the fed, which is beyond congress control with its budget, and they can do whatever the concern all -- consumer bureau wants to do with the 18 statutes that have been handed to them, implemented by the fed or the trade commission, where several other agencies. -- or several other agencies. so, the whole world is turned upside down, and richard cordray can do anything he wants without any political check on what he does. it is unprecedented. there is no animal like this in the federal government, an
tag of $12.3 billion. the former press secretary to george w. bush has an op ed piece in "the wall street journal." george w. bush writes himself -- extending the fight beyond aids. 20,000 delegates are gathering in washington for the 2012 international aids conference. gains in aids treatment are remarkable and are continuing. he says there is more to be done in places like africa. other diseases must also be dealt with. he says of his heart wrenching to save a woman from aids only to watch her die from other diseases. the question for you this morning is whether or not you think u.s. banks should be nationalized inspired to ask this by an office in the new york times today. it says wall street is too big to regulate. caller: thank you for taking my call. and the bank should not be nationalized, however, the federal reserve needs to be ended, and factional reserve lending should be ended. the bank should only lend money that they have, and that would actually solve the problem. the creation of money should go back through congress to create the money supply, and that would end a l
's bullet proof vest. they finally did but only after years of fighting over this issue. george w. bush overturned the ban on assault weapons. obama has to reinstate that ban, get rid of the high capacity magazine. we're turning into a gun happy, gun crazy country and i'm more concerned that their motto is don't tread on me. well, my motto is don't tread on the american people anymore. host: that was not oscar, that was jennifer, thank you very much for the call from new york city. jermaine has this point,: the denver post has punished some -- published some of the most horrific shootings in history, leading the list is suspect james egan holmes, who shot 71 people, killing 12. in the virginia tech shooting, # two were killed, 27 wounded, in 1966, charles whitman, 47 people shot, 16 were killed, 31 wounded, killeen, texas, 45 people were shot at luby's cafeteria, 23 fatally shot, at mcdonald's in san ysidro, california, 40 people shot, 19 wounded, and at columbine high school in littleton, colorado, 39 people were shot, 13 died, 26 wounded, the list is available at denver than
hollow. republicans have been saying this for decades but have never put it into practice. george w. bush left a legacy of debt from two unfunded wars and benefits to the wealthy. taking aim at the president, president obama has also failed to articulate what a second term would look like." again, from "at the l.a. times." are you getting the vision you want from your candidates? mitt romney, new hampshire, part of a bus tour that began about 1 1/2 weeks ago where he tried to articulate his view of the country. [video clip] >> for the last few years to many americans have been struggling and i and distress. the spirit of enterprise, the spirit that howard america's economic engines for growth and prosperity, that spirit still lives strong. it is the goal of this campaign and the mission of my presidency to nurture that spirit and see it flourish in this great land. >> those comments came from -- host: those comments are from mitt romney. there is a story this morning on the front page of "the new york times." propelled by a torrent of blistering advertisements, the president is raising qu
. when you reduce taxes, as john f. kennedy did, as ronald reagan did, as george w. bush did, and in fact, the bush tax cuts resulted in a 13% increase in revenue. the president knew that. he said that if you keep money in the private sector, it is not the government put the money, it is the people's money. if people keep the money, they could invest, hire more people. i believe tax cuts clearly create jobs, which then increases revenue and the bush tax cuts prove that point. i would be happy to get that information to you. do not hesitate to contact my office a i am telling the truth. host: barbara. south dakota. independent line. caller: good was just curious, e elected as a representative, senator, or congressman, i understand you are part of either the democratic or republican party, but once you are elected, is it not your duty to represent both parties, the democratic and republican, because you are our elected official? is it not your responsibility to look at both sides and take the best pieces from both sides and decide what is went to work best for the people that live in this c
trillion national debt. but our program under george w. bush -- the tarp program under george w. bush, the federal reserve printed $15 trillion to pass that budget. this money going out the back door from this government agency, nothing going to happen. is my comment. host: on twitter, john in north carolina finishes that sentence -- he says perhaps boring $400 million a day might being a little disruptive in the long run. maverick says we should have spending cuts because america cannot afford the bush tax cuts which is paid for by borrowing. finally, another comment, but of course, spending cuts that will definitely happen are the cutting and repeal of obamacare. now our next caller. caller: spending cuts should not happen. government is everywhere. i mean that in a good way. in the structure -- in philadelphia we had a water main break because the infrastructure is never maintained. people believe they want to return to the wild west. there was very little government, but people died at the age of 40, there was tribalism, the nomophobia was everywhere. people say that they want to
of it as their our two lists. there is a big list that has a lot of folks on it. i did it for ford and for george w. bush in 2000. i had some calls from prominent republicans who said it would help if i was on the list. some body could leak the fact that it was on the list. the tough part is the smallest. the test to get on the smallest is is the person capable of being vice president and that is usually a small list. >> what about other considerations? >> they should never be allowed to override the first proposition. i think that was one of the problems john mccain had. i like governor palin. i know her, i met her. based on a background, she had been governor for two years and i don't think she passed the test of being ready to take over and i think that was a mistake. host: former vice president dick cheney on abc's "this week." davis instory by susan "usa today." you can see sarah palin with her husband campaigning. "the conservative moment helps fuel republican 2010 election victories across the country is transitioning from a protest movement to one that is targeting locals. i think it is a m
today and former president george w. bush is 66 today. president obama continues his bus tour, in ohio and pennsylvania today. mitt romney continues his family vacation in new hampshire. you are watching c-span's "washington journal." today for our question we will look at your views on the health-care law one week after the court ruling. and what extension, a bridge -- with extension coverage from the news media about the health care ruling, we would like to see, now that you have had a week to settle in and understand that the law has been affirmed and the supreme court has made its ruling, have your views changed about the law or the candidates for president and they're talking about the law. our phone lines are open. good friday morning to you. an informal search on google news about health-care law, it turned up nearly 30,000 articles so coverage of it, many places to go and read about the pros and cons of what happened that the supreme court, both news reporting an opinion. we will listen to your thoughts on whether and not having a week to do that, your views of the law have cha
-- chatted about. senator joe lieberman, who is leading the senate and president george w. bush's last national security adviser. a few of the folks being talked about for secretary of state positions in a potential romney cabinet if he does win. also, the all-important money battle continuing. rounding's donors, friends in finances -- rounding -- romney's the owners, friends in finance. -- donors, friends in finance. usa today found their information by reviewing the federal election commission reports and insights -- invites to fund-raising events. still talking about his health care voting yesterday in the house. port washington, maryland. randy is on the independent lines this morning. where should congress go from here? caller: i think this vote yesterday is ridiculous. it is a waste of time. where once it is to be hot senate, we know it is going to be killed. -- to the senate, it is going to get killed. we know the republicans want to repeal it and the democrats want to keep it. they need to learn something that i have been able to teach my three year-old, which is to learn compr
george w. bush was in 2004 where the obama campaign is not want to change attitudes about press and obama by advertising. there are people who like the president and people who dislike the president. there are very few undecided voters. there are few people will not minimize about president barack obama. the other pretty clear thing is that their attitudes will mostly be shaped by what is going on in terms of reality. even though this presidential election will be a referendum on the incumbent, mitt romney's to reach that threshold of reliability. barack obama is very well-known. ms. romney, not so much. that is why you see the obama campaign going very strong on that romney. they are trying to introduce men romney. dare try to stop him from reaching a threshold level of credibility. [video clip] >> tax havens, offshore accounts. mitt romney has used every trick in the book. he estimates that over the last two years he paid less than 15% in taxes on half $43 million in income. it makes you wonder if he paid taxes at all. we do not know because he is only released one year of tax returns.
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10